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Shop in Your Own Home: How to Repurpose Your Belongings to Feel New

7 tips from an interior designer on how to refresh your home without buying anything new!

Are you feeling a little bored with your surroundings, but don’t want to buy new stuff? It’s that time of year, and we are all looking for a little refresh and to shake things up a bit. That being said, no one wants to purchase a bunch of new items, only for them to end up in the trash a few months later. The solution? Shopping in your home.

Before every project, the first thing we ask our clients is to “edit” items that need to go. By removing these stale pieces, we make way for a fresh approach. It also helps remind us that as we throw things away, we may want to be more intentional of our future choices.

living room with cute chairs and trendy fireplace

Tip #1 - Let it Go & Mix it Up

Before you begin shopping in your home, look around and see if there is something that needs to go, or can be repurposed somewhere else. Is there a great buffet table in your dining room that would look amazing in the guest bedroom? Is the leg of that little table broken and unfixable, or do you have items you bought, and have always regretted? Don’t feel guilty, donate or give them away. Don’t be afraid to let go of something you paid “a lot” for over 5 years ago. Look at it this way, you made use of it and it served you well. It’s ok to say goodbye.

Tip #2 - Beat it, Bop it, Swap it

Maybe a relative has some great heritage pieces that they would love you to have, or maybe a friend has been eyeing that table you want to part with, and you love that marble bedside lamp she wants to sell. Interior trading, why not!

Tip #3 - Deep Breath... and Declutter

Take everything off your kitchen cabinets (or favorite curio cabinet!) and restyle with local pottery pieces, coffee table books, and decor. Decluttering is always therapeutic and gives our space a whole new look.

Tip #4 -Where's Waldo, But Interior Design

Take a photo of your space and let your eye be drawn to what’s out of place. This is one of the first steps when we take on a new client. We take a photo of their space and show them when we present their new design. This visual points out the obvious design “wins”. Perhaps there is a piece of furniture blocking the light parked in front of a window. Or there is a better wall to place your bed on that gives the perfect balance to your room.

Tip #5 - Upholstery Daydreams

Consider reupholstering a well-made chair with a fantastic vintage fabric. Shop around local upholstery shops for a good price, and let that chair speak out a little bit.

Tip #6 - Basil, Green Onions and Rosemary – Oh my!

Find some cute pots you have in storage and pick up a few herbs. You can plant them in three pots to place on your kitchen counter. Double the fun - it adds a pop of fresh, organic green and you can use it in tonight’s dinner!

Tip #7 - A Whole New Room

One of our favorite tricks is to consider flipping rooms. If your dining room and living room are similar in size, and the dining room has always been the dining room - could it be interesting to flip it? This often is the case in big remodels, we will take a small spare bedroom and make a fabulous new master bathroom!

One room, two ways - The Spanish Revival Project by Lynne Parker Designs

Ready, set, shop!

Shopping in your own home allows you to clear the deck for a better perspective on your space. It’s the benefit of hiring a designer, bringing in a fresh set of eyes. But if that is not possible, try to remove the things you don’t want or need and consider moving pieces around your home.

We would love to see your before and after pics!


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