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Our design process is rooted in transparency and mutual trust. We provide each client with a creative and collaborative experience that centers their distinct narrative and how it translates to their life at home.

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Lynne Parker Designs _ Full Service Interior Design _ Los Angeles, CA _ _MG_6862_Edit (2)
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What we offer our clients goes far beyond traditional design packages. Our job is to develop an authentic understanding of your lifestyle and aspirations and relay that into a home that truly resonates. We believe that your space should be as original as you are—a timeless reflection of how you spend your days. Our clients know that living well is an art form that requires form and function, and that's where we come in. 


Over time, we have cultivated an intimate and seamless design process, founded in empathy, intentionality, and intuitive listening. We channel our expertise, creative vision, and experience to guide our clients to their best, most joyful life at home.


We begin each project with an in-person consultation or phone call to speak at length about your home and how you would like to live in it. We will follow up with an on-site meeting to walk through and lay the foundation for the creative and functional direction of our design. We will discuss space planning, budget, timelines, and any existing parameters. We will also take this time to share more about our client process and what you can expect at each step. Most importantly, we will explain our Design Concept Presentation—our comprehensive and detailed plan for executing your project—and how it will serve as our roadmap to your ideal home. 

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