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The Art of Ceramics

Clay, in the form of tiles, bowls, vases, vessels, plates, and cups, brings us joy and offers health benefits. These tactile creations often feature cool, smooth, or curved exteriors that invite touch. Each piece originates from an artist's imagination and technique, skillfully shaped from a simple blob of clay on a potter's wheel.

Credit: Ceramics by Bailey | @marinadelclay

Dating back to 28000 BCE, ceramics hold a captivating ancient history spanning thousands of years. The first examples of pottery emerged in Eastern Asia, and since then, this remarkable art form and functional vessel has remained an integral part of human life.

Perhaps our deep-rooted connection with natural materials like marble, wood, cork, and quartz is what draws us so passionately to ceramics. This affinity for organic elements is encapsulated in the concept of Biophilic Design, which aims to enhance occupants' connectivity to the natural environment through direct nature usage. Research shows that Biophilic Design supports cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being!

Deriving from the Greek words for "Life" (Bio) and "Love" (Philia), biophilia can be translated as "love of life" or, more specifically, love for nature. No wonder we adore clay, ceramics, and pottery – they nurture us, and we are grateful for their presence in our lives! Who knew?

If you're considering starting your own ceramics collection, here are some tips to help you build it:

Start Local

Begin by exploring local materials for your projects, seeking items with minimal global footprints. A great place to start is a farmers market or local shop where you can meet ceramicists and view their work. As you learn about their preferred clays and techniques, you'll be drawn to special pieces.

Credit: Ceramics by Anna Werner | | @occasionaleigh_

Browse Social Media

Follow ceramicists on social media to discover unique pieces or refined techniques. We recently met an LA-based ceramicist named Bailey, whose studio provided us with beautiful vases and custom "Plowls" (plate/bowls) for our client. These practical, dishwasher and microwave-safe pieces were a hit!

Credit: Ceramics by Bailey | @marinadelclay

Take a Class

Consider taking a class at a ceramics studio to learn the art of throwing, spinning, glazing, firing, and admiring. You might discover a talent for this ancient craft, creating pieces for your home or as gifts. Plus, you'll likely meet other ceramists who may be willing to sell you one of their pieces.

Good luck with your search, and happy throwing!


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