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Spring Cleaning: 9 Ways to Refresh Your Tired Laundry Room

9 tips to make your laundry room sparkle again!

Although laundry rooms are as functional as kitchens, they’re often the one space in many homes that are overlooked. The good news? It doesn’t take much to give this workhouse of a room a makeover and bring in some much needed organization and structure.

Who knows, after a few minor updates, you may even be able to convince the whole family that laundry is fun!

refreshed laundry room with hidden machines

Design by Jean Stoffer Design

It’s Time to Clean House

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “editing” is the first step to any remodel, update, or renovation. Clean out the cabinets over the washer + dryer, recycle your “almost” empty bottles of detergent, and get rid of any worn, stained, or unused linens. This is your home and you deserve a clean, fresh space.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Laundry rooms function alternatively as storage space for all your towels, linens, and clothing. If you have unused wall space over the washer and dryer, try hanging floating shelves above them in order to store these items along with the products used to wash them.

Consider the Flooring

Once you’ve “edited” and decluttered your space, consider switching out the floor surface for a more re-vamped feel. Whether you choose tile, cement, or recycled stone, it’s important to remember that these changes don’t have to break the bank - all that matters is that these updates enhance the utility and aesthetic of the space in general.

One tip: be sure to consider the flooring that lays next to the laundry room in order to ensure a smooth “transition.” If the adjacent room has hardwood floors, try a neutral tile in a herringbone pattern for a clean, but inspiring look.

Hardwood floor transition to tile in a herringbone pattern

Design by Jennifer Ferrandi

Repainting: An Easy, Affordable Improvement to Any Room

Depending on the color of your washer and dryer, try repainting the wall of the laundry room (and/or cabinetry) in a neutral, timeless color. If your appliances are dark gray; a creamy, white hue will pair perfectly. If they’re white, perhaps try a complementary crisp taupe-white tone. Since this room tends to get a little dusty, I’d advise you to stay away from darker tones - trust me, they will show every bit of dust, lint, dirt, etc, (and quickly!)

Don’t Overlook Your Light Fixtures

The idea that foundational fixtures matter just as much as furniture and appliances is a guiding principle in my design process. Take a look at the light fixture in your laundry room, and consider if another would be better suited. Personally, I tend to lean towards industrial, schoolhouse lights for this space, as they not only accent other elements within the room, but its “rugged” nature as well.

Image via Inspirations Deco (Left)

Lighting by Olde Brick Lighting (Top right) | Lighting by Clear Halo (Bottom right)

I Repeat, Maximize Your Storage Space!

Think about how you utilize this space: you’re doing laundry, and maximizing its functional elements will only serve you. If you have the room for it, add a hanging bar for drying clothes, or additional shelving for clothing baskets - this will only help you in the long run by making the task of doing laundry much easier.

Introduce New Textures and Surfaces

One of our favorite ways to enhance laundry rooms is by adding a countertop over appliances - it allows for a clean folding area and keeps things from falling over the edge and back.

(P.S. That’s where all those missing socks are hiding!)

fresh and clean laundry room

Design by Studio McGee

An Ode to Farmhouse Sinks

Although this addition may not be plausible for all, if you have the space and budget, I’d highly recommend incorporating a deep, farmhouse sink. They come in handy for all kinds of reasons - whether it’s dirty soccer cleats, a muddy puppy, or hand washables.

Design by Reath Design | Design by Jennifer Bunsa | Design by Boxwood Avenue

Laundry Rooms Deserve Beautiful Art, too!

Hang some fun art on the feature wall and this room is ready to go!

Get your sparkle on!

Your laundry room deserves to be beautiful too! What changes do you want to make in your laundry room?


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